3 Fun Games to Play with Your Dog in 2022

Most dogs, especially younger and more lively dogs, love to play games with their owners. It keeps them active and entertained, and also provides the two of you with some fun bonding time. Keep in mind that your dog’s size and health will determine how long he can play for and beware of smaller, more portly, or flat-faced dogs being prone to overheating and exhaustion and take this into account when playing.

1. Fetch

An age-old game for dogs, fetch is great for entertaining your hound and will tire out Fido. All you need is a toy, ball, or stick; whatever takes your fancy or is convenient is just fine, provided it doesn’t pose a choking hazard. As you’ll probably already know, you simply throw the item, allow your dog to catch it, and watch as he brings it back to you.

2. Obstacle Course

If your dog is particularly agile an obstacle course makes for great agility training. Use any large objects you can find to set up in the garden, such as tires, cones, and boxes, and create a little course for him. You may have to get stuck into this one yourself by having him follow you through the course, so you’ll both get some exercise!

3. Hide & Seek

Of course, a traditional game of hide and seek would probably be a bit of a lost cause with a dog involved, but he could be much better at the game if it’s treats or toys that are hidden. You can hide items in the grass or around the house for him to find. Make sure they have a strong smell or go for stuffed Kong toys so that your pooch has something to sniff out. You can leave a trail of scent for him to follow and watch his excitement grow!

What games do you play with your dog? Let us know in the comments below!

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