3 Pawsome Ways to Help Your Aging Dog

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It probably feels like yesterday that your fur-bestie was a young pup, full of energy, and getting into trouble. But as these wonderful years together went on, we’re guessing you’ve seen some changes in Fido’s behavior, mood, and eating habits… and that’s okay!

These changes are very normal but it might be time to consider making a few helpful adjustments to their lifestyle as a senior pet to ensure they’re comfortable and adapting to these new challenges.

1. Switch Up Their Exercise Routine

There was probably a time when your furry friend could spend endless hours running around the dog park or playing fetch. If you’ve noticed a decreased interest in those activities or it seems to be taking a bit longer for him to recover from playing, it might be time to switch up their exercise routine!

An essential key to keep Fido healthy in the long run is to keep him moving, even if it’s just in modified ways, so don’t cut out exercise altogether. We suggest switching it up to activities that are easier on the hip and joints such as long, slower walks, swimming or during the transition, decrease the amount of time with their favorite activities.

We also suggest adding a supplement with glucosamine and chondroitin to promote healthy joints and to help Fido with stiffness or soreness they might be experiencing with this change.

2. Rearrange Spaces Fido Loves

The best way to identify if Fido might need some things rearranged around the house is to pay close attention to how their habits, behaviors, and movements shift.

You might have noticed he lays down to eat now, slips walking around the house on the tile floors, or even has a difficult time getting up on the couch or bed.

We suggest making small adjustments to the spaces around your home to accommodate your fur-bestie such as elevating their food and water so they can reach it easier, add rugs or try out toe grips for their paws, and consider investing in a ramp to assist in getting to their favorite places.

3. Modify Their Nutrition

As our pets age, it’s normal that they will require different nutrition. There are many types of food that are specific to breed and age and we definitely suggest reaching out to your veterinarian to figure out the best solution for Fido during this time.

Additionally, we believe incorporating a multivitamin tailored to senior dogs as well as a joint-health supplement is important in keeping your bestie feeling zesty.

We know caring for an aging pet has some challenges, but we hope these suggestions for some changes will help make the shift to senior life easier and more rewarding. If you’ve tried any of these adjustments or have any tips or suggestions to add, please share your comments below!


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  • Cera Irons

    i loved this article about aging dogs.. very helpful. Thank you Zesty Paws !!!!

  • Zesty Paws

    I’m so happy to hear that, Cera!!
    Feel free to “bark” our way if you have any questions. <3