Keeping Cats on the Right Gut “Track”

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Sleep, eat, poop, sleep, play, purr, sleep, run around for no reason, bathe. Repeat.

Sound like your cat?

Sure, it does. (Maybe there’s a little more sleeping?)

Unless your cat has an upset stomach. And then, there’s probably a lot more sulking and a lot less playing and purring. So, what’s a cat parent to do for Fluffy’s tummy troubles?

Just like in dogs (and humans!), a large majority of the feline immune system lives in its digestive tract, so keeping a balance of good bacteria is essential. Veterinarians say that probiotics can be an effective option to keep dogs feeling fine. But what about cats?

It turns out that what’s good for one four-legged friend is good for another.

In dogs, cats — and yes, humans! — probiotics are the “good” or helpful bacteria that help keep your gut healthy. Yes, there are billions of tiny, friendly microorganisms that actually help your pet fight off infection, bolster the immune system and make nutrients. Cats can be prone to diarrhea and inflammatory bowel disease, but adding the right probiotics may help keep cats gastrointestinal tracts on track.

The best thing to do is to stop trouble before it starts. Your veterinarian will be able to talk to you about what kind, if any, probiotics might be best for your pet, based on their age, medications they take and any medical conditions they have. And because a cat has a shorter small intestine than a dog, formulas should be cat-specific.

Probiotics for cats come in chews, powders and pills and feature different ingredients. Talk to your vet about which one is right for your cat.

Ideally, probiotics should be given daily to promote your kitty’s everyday gut health.

Be sure not to share your human probiotics with kitty.

Here’s what they’ll do:

  • Supports healthy digestion
  • May maintain a healthy intestinal tract
  • Helps support proper digestion and bowel health
  • Helps maintain proper gut flora
  • Helps support the immune system

And all of THAT should hopefully bring us back to the beginning, where your cat’s digestive tract is staying on track, and they’re enjoying their favorite habits – sleeping, eating, pooping, sleeping …. You get the idea.


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