Top Three New Year Habits for Dogs and Cats!

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Three Paw-sitive Habits for a Happy Mew Year!

Every January is a time for reflection and committing to new habits – and it’s more important than ever after a really "ruff" 2020. All of us at Zesty Paws® are so honored that you’ve chosen us to be a part of your pet family. And we thought this was a perfect time for all pet parents to help their furry Besties make a fresh start, too!

Here are three easy ways to jump into 2021 with a fluffy, bouncy, new outlook:

Try New Things: Delicious Bites, Anyone?

At Zesty Paws®, we love thinking of new ways to bring more Zest to life — and to even more pets! That’s why we were so thrilled to begin offering functional supplements for cats this year.

Whether it’s our premium salmon oils, freeze-dried treats, or our chewable trio of Calming, Hairball, and Immune soft chews, we heard from many of you that our feline friendly products are the cats’ meows!

If your cats are like ours, they’re curious about everything new in the house. A bag! A box! (A BOX?!! Can I have it, can I have it?)

No matter what you pick, we hope your kitty is excited to go on a journey of new taste with us!

Embrace the Wisdom of (Tasty) Ancient Ways, too

Sometimes, it’s important to remember that there’s good to be had in true and tested ingredients and lessons as well.

That’s why we launched our Ancient Elements™ products for dogs! Just like all of our delicious chews, we make them with premium ingredients – but these include a great-tasting base of ancient grains, including quinoa, millet, amaranth, and sorghum.

These may even be the same ingredients that you’re looking for in your own diet, so why shouldn’t your dog have the best this year, too?

Ancient Elements™ Bites for dogs come in some of our most popular functional categories: Mobility Bites™, Calming Bites™, and multifunctional 8-in-1 Bites™.

We can’t wait to hear what you think of this exciting new line (based on some of the oldest wisdom!).

What About a Pet Makeover?

Sometimes a new look is just what you need to give yourself a little pep in your step. Maybe you got your pet a cute new outfit for the holidays. Perhaps it’s also time to cut those claws, brush out that fur, or take a dunk in the bathtub after some long walks outside?

We should know about fresh new looks! You may have noticed that your favorite Zesty Paws Bites, OraStix®, Oils and other products have snazzy new packaging! But don’t worry – your favorite supplements still have the same great benefits your pet enjoys, with the same quality you trust.

No matter what you and your pet do this year, we hope you and your family all stay safe and healthy this year. We’ll keep sharing great tips and information right here about new products that are on the way!

Check in with us or share photos of your furry friend on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest using #ZestyPaws. And as always, we’ll be here to Keep Your Bestie Feeling Zesty!™


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