Ways to Protect Grass from Dog Pee

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Temperatures are warming up, flowers are blooming, and the mower is ready to start tackling your annual point of suburban pride—your lawn. But if you're also a dog parent, you know that keeping your lawn green, without those brown or yellow spots, can take some patience. Luckily, we've got some great tips to keep your lawn looking its best and your pup with a spring in their step, just in time for spring!

When it's time to go out, your dog doesn't know that the green stuff they sometimes like to eat and then relieve themselves is actually your weekend hobby.

Dogs are omnivores, so eating grass comes naturally to them. And, the American Kennel Club reports, new spring grass may be especially appealing – after all, who doesn't love fresh new sprouts? But AKC recommends that you keep an eye on your Bestie to be sure they're not consuming too much of it and be sure that there are no associated symptoms of illness.

After eating, only two things happen in or on the grass – and both can damage it. Let's talk about the most common one, caused by #1. That's right, excessive nitrogen and salt in dog urine create those brown patches. Here are ways to combat the unsightly stains created by lawn urine scald.

Not all grass is created equal

When planting grass, it's not just important to know how it looks – it's important to understand how it will respond to heat, moisture, and soil conditions. The Purdue University Extension service says animal urine can damage ANY grass. The worst damage is usually seen in places with less moisture in the soil, and the grass is not watered. Hot, dry climates are also more prone to the worst burns. In these cases, urine can turn the grass brown.

Fescue and perennial Ryegrass are two hardy types of dog-resistant grass seeds, and of course, there’s artificial turf.

Experts say it's best to keep the real grass cut at least two to three inches rather than keeping it very short.

Water, Water, Water

Keep a watering can or a hose in the backyard. After your dog does their business, tend to the business of keeping the lawn green by watering the yard in that spot. This may not prevent the damage, but diluting the nitrogen and salts in the urine help prevent brown patches. Keeping your dog hydrated also keeps your pooch healthy.

Create Designated Areas

Some dogs like to do their business in the same area. Training can also yield that behavior. If that's the case, select landscaping in those areas that is less likely to suffer the impact of urine damage. This "hardscape" like stone mulch or grass alternatives like clover can be just the ticket to prevent damage to premium parts of your lawn.

Dog Parks – Relief for Your Dog and Your Yard

The best way to avoid grass burn and lawn disease in your yard is to avoid your own space entirely. Take your female or male dogs on a walk in the dog park. It’s a myth that one or the other causes more spots!

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Now for #2

Now when it comes to the other part of gut health for your dog, it's essential to pick up after your dog, so they don't leave their own "organic" fertilizer." But sometimes, you'll see dogs "scooting" on their rear ends. This signifies something is wrong – but it could mean just an uncomfortable itch or something more serious. Either way, keeping your dog's gut health in tip-top shape can keep scoots at bay.

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