10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Dogs in 2023

At Zesty Paws, we love seeing our furry friends enjoy new treats and toys, so we’ve rounded up our favorite gifts that we know are on your dog’s wish list this year.
10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Dogs in 2023
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It’s the holidays, so our canine companions deserve to be spoiled! We love seeing our furry friends enjoy new treats and toys, so we’ve rounded up our favorite gifts that we know are on your dog’s wish list this year.

1. Wooly Snuffle Mat

We are always looking for a way to stimulate Fido; and when we discovered the Wooly Snuffle Mat, we knew this would be a great gift! Simply pour their food or treats on top and it instantly becomes an interactive puzzle for your dog. Plus, all it takes to clean it is just tossing it into the washer and dryer.

2. Humans Make Me Happy Bandana

We know how much our pups love us, so let them tell the world! In addition to apparel, Puppies Make Me Happy also works with charitable organizations around the USA and makes donations based off their sales. This is our favorite bandana, but there are quite a few options for Fido, so take a look at the entire collection.

3. Wickedbone Smart Bone

Crunched for time to play with Fido? This smart bone will interact with your pup when you can’t! Simply pair the robot toy with your Bluetooth and you can either set it to auto play or you can control what it does - roll forward, turn around, shake, back flip, quick jump, and more.

4. Rock’N Bowl

The Rock’N Bowl is another great interactive puzzle for Fido. Whether your dog is a picky eater and needs stimulation or your dog eats too fast and you need to slow them down, the Rock’N Bowl makes mealtime fun and keeps them busy!

5. Matching Tropical Jungle BBQ Tee

Matching clothes with your bestie? We think yes. This adorable tropical jungle tee is perfect for the obsessed doggy mom and dad. Not into the tropical look? Don’t worry, they have other matching sets as well!

Human Shirt | Doggo Shirt

6. Donut Cuddler

This plush dog bed will have Fido relaxing in luxury! In addition to being cozy, this bed is great for dogs that love to curl up. It has higher walls to provide head and neck support, as well as deep crevices so your dog can burrow and sleep restfully.

7. Festive Holiday Dog Treats

We shared our Festive Holiday Dog Treats recipe a few weeks ago and think this is a great gift for Fido and Fido’s friends! With only a few ingredients and a short 15-minute bake time, this makes a great (and easy) gift for the holidays.

8. SafetyPUP Vest

With the winter comes darker nights, so we want to make sure your pup is safe! We love this reflective dog vest - it’s adjustable, durable, comfortable, and perfect for keeping your dog visible to drivers!

9. Portable Dog Water Bottle & Bowl

Whether you’re road trippin’ together or headed to the dog park, this easy-to-use dog water bottle will keep your furry friend hydrated without the mess! Simply squeeze the bottle when Fido is ready to drink and the bowl at the top will fill up with water.

10. Pooch Selfie Stick

Who doesn't want a great photo with their fur-bestie? We know we do! This Pooch Selfie Stick makes it easy to get a great photo with Fido without the hassle.

We hope our dog gift guide has helped you find some great gifts this year and if you're still not sure what to get Fido, check out our Gift Bundle and give the gift of health to your furry friend! Happy Holidays from your friends at Zesty Paws®!