Consistency Is Key

By taking Zesty Paws® supplements daily, our ingredients can stay in your pet’s system longer to help unleash the benefits you’re looking for. That’s why consistency is the key to keeping your bestie feeling Zesty. So, make sure you don’t leave your pet hangin’!

With our Subscribe & Save program, you will never have to worry about running out of your fur-baby’s favorite supplements. Just tell us which products to autoship, let us take care of the rest, and cancel anytime. No, seriously. We won’t yipe about it!

Subscription Benefits

Guaranteed Savings

Unleash huge savings on your autoship orders

How it Works

Pick Your Supplements

Pick Your Supplements

Explore our line of supplements and pick what sounds paw-fect for your bestie.

Select “Autoship & Save”

Select “Autoship & Save”

Select this and save 30% off your first order, 35% Off your 3rd order and 10% off all other recurring orders.

Add to Cart & Checkout

Add to Cart & Checkout

Checkout to activate your subscription. Feel free to modify or cancel anytime!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our subscription feature makes it easy for pet parents to maintain the well-being of their besties. Simply choose which products your pet likes, select “Subscribe & Save” before checkout, and edit/cancel your subscription anytime. See? That’s not so ruff! 

If you had a tail, it would be wagging about our subscription savings. You’ll save 30% off your first order, 35% off your third order, and 10% off all recurring orders.  

If you need to adjust the intervals of your autoship orders, no paw-blem. Simply go to your Accounts page and view your subscription to easily make edits to the frequency of your orders. 

Cue the sad puppy dog eyes. If you ever need to cancel your subscription with us, you can head over to your Accounts page to take care of it. And don’t worry, we won’t bark at you about it. Maybe a dramatic whimper, though. 

Of course! If you ever need to skip an autoship order, the Accounts page will easily let you tell us to “sit and stay” when it comes to your next shipment.  

Looking to switch things up with your bestie’s Zesty Paws® regimen? Just swing by your Accounts page to view your current subscription. From there, you can add or remove any products that you and your fur-baby see fit.  

Switching to a new form of payment is far from im-paw-sible. In fact, all you need to do is go to your Accounts page to change your new payment information in a flash. 

We love playtime, but payment-related guessing games? Not so much. That’s why we only charge you for your subscription on the day we ship out your next order.  

Good news! You can create a new account AND keep your current subscription. All you need to do is create an account using the same email ID as your current subscription order. Then, we’ll fetch all your subscription details and bring them over to your new Zesty Paws® account.