Best Ways to Keep Dogs' Teeth Clean

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Just like you and me, dogs aren’t born with healthy mouths, and they certainly don’t stay clean on their own! That’s why it’s very important to make sure their oral hygiene doesn’t get overlooked. It’s just as important as quality food, supplements, check-ups, and exercise!

Developing a plan for your pup’s teeth might feel overwhelming at first. But eventually, your dog will come to expect it each day – leaving their teeth strong and healthy for years to come.

So, we’re here with three tips and tricks to support your fur-friend’s dental hygiene.

Brush their Teeth Daily

The best way to ensure your dog has good dental hygiene is to simply brush their teeth daily. But, if brushing Fido’s teeth is new for both of you, be sure to ease into it.

Before you dive straight into brushing, make sure your pup is comfortable with you touching his mouth and teeth first. Try rubbing your finger along his teeth and gums, as well as touching their mouths. Practice that for a few days to make sure he’s comfortable before brushing.

There are a few different ways you can tackle brushing their teeth, but first and foremost, make sure to use pet-friendly toothpaste and pick a flavor Fido will love!

When it comes to using a doggie toothbrush, make sure you take note of the different sizes that are available to get the size that best fits your dog. If your dog isn’t a big fan of the toothbrush, there are alternatives such as a finger brush, pet-friendly dental pads, or simply a soft gauze pad wrapped around your finger.

Try to find a method that is not only tolerable for your pup, but easy for you to manage as well.

Dental Bones and Brushing Sticks

If Fido still isn’t a big fan of you brushing his teeth, try dental bones or brushing sticks so he can do it himself!

There are plenty of products to choose from, and they’re designed to help tartar build up and remove plaque by doing what our dogs love – chewing!

Brushing their teeth is still the best option for at-home care, but dental bones and brushing sticks provide a great alternative to incorporate into the mix as well – especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed with daily brushing.

Professional Visits

Annual or bi-annual teeth cleanings are likely the most effective way to remove any tartar build up on their teeth. So, if you notice a change in your pet’s eating habits, excessive drooling, discolored or broken teeth, or red swollen gums, try to make a visit with your vet as soon as possible to identify any underlying issues and set a game plan.

While professional cleanings can tend to be more expensive and might require your dog to be put under anesthesia, it’s best to open the conversation with your vet first to see what’s best for Fido, or if you can manage the daily cleaning yourself so there’s less doggy dentist visits.

As a loving pet parent, we know you want to keep them as healthy as possible – which includes taking care of their teeth! We hope these dental hygiene tips will help get you started on the right foot, and if you’ve discovered some other tips or products that have helped your pup, please share below!


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