Hemp for Dogs & Its Surprising Benefits

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Has everyone gone mutts? Why is hemp becoming one of the biggest health trends for dogs? Well, don’t worry. It’s not because of some hippie dog revolution! It’s actually because of hemp’s amazing health benefits.

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room. The million-dollar question is, are we talking about turning your dog into Snoop Dogg? Of course not! The hemp seeds used in many of the oils and powders popping up in doggy supplements (like ours) contain none of the trippy stuff (derived from THC).

CBD (cannabidiol) oil and hemp both come from a hemp plant is part of the Cannabis Sativa family. CBD is derived from the stalks, leaves, and buds, while hemp comes from the seeds. Usually, CBD is used therapeutically to help manage various health conditions. Hemp, on the other hand, is a nutritional supplement. With almost no CBD and tons of nutrients, it’s a no-brainer why hemp’s popularity is growing—no pun intended.

What are the amazing benefits of hemp you ask? Well, it turns out that the hemp seed is packed with beneficial properties that may support pet wellness more than you may think!

Omega Fatty Acids that Work Wonders for Your Pup of Any Age

As you probably know, Omegas are pretty awesome for pet health, and there are all sorts of great ingredients out there (like fish oils or healthy algae) that give dog supplements a boost of Omega goodness. But, did you know that hemp is one of the best sources of Omegas available?

Hemp seeds provide dogs with a near-perfect 3:1 ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which makes it one of the most naturally balanced ways to add Omegas to a doggy’s diet!

Just for a quick refresher, here are just a few of the many benefits of Omega supplements:

  • Supports skin health
  • Promotes overall hip and joint health by supporting flexibility and comfort
  • Helps with cardiovascular function and healthy immune response

As you can see, Omega fatty acids are a must-have for any healthy dog’s diet, and hemp is one of the absolute best ingredients to use.

Promotes Overall Vitality with Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA)

The benefits of hemp seed don’t just stop at Omega fatty acids. This holistic ingredient also has Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA), which is a lesser known but equally beneficial ingredient that supports a wide range of benefits for our canine companions.

GLA is essential in building a substance that’s super important for joint health and other vital body functions. So, if your pup deals with allergies, mobility troubles, digestive issues, or skin problems, the GLA found in hemp-enhanced products might be just the thing Fido needs!

GLA supports:

  • Skin health by keeping the skin moisturized
  • Digestion and weight management
  • Promoting cellular health and immune system function

Powerful Source of Protein, Vitamins, and Minerals

This is probably starting to sound like one of those “but wait, there’s more” moments from infomercials, isn’t it? But, it’s true! Hemp seeds are loaded with even more of the good stuff.

Hemp seeds are considered to be a complete protein source, which means it contains every essential amino acid. Very few plant-based protein sources have them all, so that makes hemp seeds even more unique! Plus, hemp seeds also contain Vitamin E and healthy minerals that work together to bolster skin health, immune function, and overall nourishment.

All things considered, the question isn’t really “why hemp?”; it’s “why not hemp?” Not only are hemp seeds incredibly healthy for your pup (and for their humans, too), but it also functions as a great conversation starter with other pet owners who might’ve been just as confused as you were when you first spotted hemp-based products for dogs.

Got any more questions about hemp? Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Jesse

    Hi. Just found out the benefits of giving your dog hemp seeds. Perfect for my old (10)baby staffy. She loves it but I do not know what the recommended dosage is for a 21 kilo dog. Are the any adverse affects if they have too much? Which brings me to what is too much? Does this apply to humans? Thank you for your time. Jesse

  • Carola

    Hello, is there anything that can halt – stop – reverse cataracts in dogs (except surgery at $2000 per eye)? Thanks, Carola

  • Zesty Paws

    Hello Jesse!
    These are really great questions. A 21 kg dog weighs about 46 lbs, so they would get 2 chews per day.
    We have not heard of a dog taking too many of our Hemp chews to the point that they experiencing severe symptoms. Typically this occurrence may just cause tummy troubles. It is suggested to keep with the recommended dose. If your baby Staffy has more than the recommended dose, you can give us a call and we can help you out.

    Feel free to bark our way with any other questions you may have! Our email is bark@zestypaws.com :)

  • Zesty Paws

    Hey Carola!
    While we do not have anything that can specifically stop/reverse cataracts, we do have a vision supplement that I recommend!

    These chews contain many great ingredients that support eye health and vision. :)

  • Barbara marquis

    I want to make some dog treats for my 85 pound boxer who has many allergies. I will be using 2 cups almond flour , 2eggs and 1/2 c peanut butter. How much hemp seed should I use for a dog his size?

  • Zesty Paws

    Hi Barbara!

    Thank you for reaching out to us with that question! If you message us directly we would be more than happy to assist you and answer any additional questions or concerns that may pop up! (:

    We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Julie Ann Griffith

    Can i give my pet hemp oil that i take..And she has seizers. Shes been to the vet and thay want me to put her on seizer pills. I dont want to give her any of those pills. The side effects r bad..thank u.

  • Bhavik

    What is the difference between your regular products and your hemp version of those products? Why should I opt for one over the other?

  • Zesty Paws

    Hi Julie,

    Thanks for reaching out to us! While I would not be able to tell you if your pup could take the hemp oil that you take, I would recommend asking your vet! Depending on what they tell you we may have a product that may be able to help!

    Please reach out to us directly so that we can further answer any and all questions!

  • Zesty Paws

    Hi Bhavik,

    Thanks for reaching out to us with that question. The difference between our regular line vs our Hemp Elements line is the addition either Butterbur Extract, Hemp Seed Oil, or Hemp Seed Oil Powder (it will depend on the product). Deciding which product to get for your pup will depend on the health goals that you and your vet have set up for them! If you message us directly we would be more than happy to further assist on any additional questions you may have!

    We look forward to hearing from you! (:

  • michael depasquale

    Hello. I would like to know what amount of hemp seed should I give my dog as a daily intake. My dog is a crossbred female from a male black german shepherd and an Alaskin Malamut. She is 9 years old. Thanks

  • Zesty Paws

    That’s an excellent question, Michael! Dosing and serving size can be based on different health factors such as weight and diet, so we recommend consulting your furry friend’s trusted veterinarian for the most accurate dosing suggestions. :)

  • Caitlyn

    Hey there! I’ve tried your regular products, loved them, and am now looking into switching to the hemp versions but was wondering if it’s safe for me to give my 45lb 10mo husky pup the recommended daily dose of the Hemp Elements 5-in-1 Multivitamin Bites plus the recommended daily dose of the Hemp Elements Omega Bites- together in the same day? Is there such thing as too much hemp? Or can I buy both products and use them at the same time? Thank you!

  • Zesty Paws

    Hi Caitlyn!
    That is an excellent question. Our products are meant to be able to be combined, so using both of those together for your pup should be okie dokie! Because of your pup’s young age, I recommend bringing it up to the vet just to be extra sure. <3

  • Myra

    I’d like to know how many teaspoons of hemp hearts
    a day my dog can have. She weighs 30 pounds

  • Vivian A. Barrera

    How much Hemp seeds for a 20 lb dog? once a day. On each meal?

  • Zesty Paws

    Hi Myra and Vivian!
    Those are great questions. We do not sell hemp seeds or hemp hearts, so I would recommend going with the brand’s recommended daily dose and/or talking with your pup’s veterinarian about a suggested daily dose. :)

  • Rick

    I have a 7 yr old female husky/shepherd mix she has allergies and is currently on 1 -16 mg Apoquil every day . Her allergies are really flairing up thus time of the year and she gets sore between her toes, she was just at the vet for an evaluation and they gave her a shot of Depo-Medrol 40mg. along with being on Cephelaxin 500mg an anti-biotic.

    My question to you is I want to switch her over to strictly natural meds like the ones with hemp, I have a bottle of Hemp Spray that is used to treat hot spots in pets my dog wants to like her right foot a lot is it or would it be safe to spray some of the hemp spray with a bitter taste on her foot to keep her from licking ??

  • Zesty Paws

    Hey Rick! We definitely recommend reaching out to your pup’s vet about this, especially with the different medications that your pup is on, and due to the fact that the Hemp Spray is not our product so we cannot speak to it. :)


    which brand do you recommend?

  • Zesty Paws

    Hi there, Fabienne! We recommend our Hemp line, which you can find here —> https://zestypaws.com/collections/hemp-elements :)

  • ken folkman

    My dog has ear itching problems even though I clean them Will hemp and salmon oil help with that issue

  • Christine

    I will be getting a new Samoyed puppy soon and came across your Omega Bites (then saw the hemp bites). Are either of these safe for a puppy? If so, one over the other? Amount per day? If not, what age can these be started?

  • Zesty Paws

    Hi there, Ken! I personally love our Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil. I think that the Salmon Oil or Hemp Salmon Oil would be great to try for the itchy ear problem your pup is facing! the omega fatty acids may help soothe the skin to reduce the itchiness. :)

  • Zesty Paws

    Great questions, Christine! We recommend waiting until a pup is at least 6 months old before starting them on our products. We also recommend looping the veterinarian in with the new things that you add to their routine to make sure they are getting everything they need. <3