How to Keep Fido Active Indoors

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It’s easy for some pups to get bored or feel cooped up inside, especially when the weather isn’t in their favor; however, it’s important for dogs to get their daily exercise! Whether it’s too hot, raining, or Fido isn’t a fan of the snow, we’ve got some great ways to keep your dog active indoors to keep them healthy and prevent them from getting into trouble!

Set Up an Obstacle Course

Don’t worry, you don’t necessarily need to go out and buy new things! You likely can repurpose items around your house to create a fun, interactive obstacle course. Build a tunnel with couch cushions, set up a weaving obstacle with little orange cones (or maybe your candy cane decorations), and even use a pool noodle for a jumping obstacle! The possibilities are endless but make sure you have enough room for safety and have fun!

Play Interactive Games

There are a number of different ways to incorporate interactive games with your furry friend. From playing fetch or hide and go seek to using treat dispensers and interactive games, it can be a great way to tire out Fido! Some of our favorite treat/food dispensers are:

Plan a Doggie Date

Tire out your pup and hang out with a friend? Sounds like a perfect combination to us! Doggie dates are a great way to let your dogs enjoy each other’s company, get tired, and let you have some quality time with a friend. If this is a pup your dog has never met before, it might be a good idea to introduce them to each other beforehand. To do that, try meeting on neutral ground, even if it’s outside for just a few moments. Keep them both on their leashes to let them say hi and sniff each other. If weather permits, we also like to take them for a short walk together to ensure they’re getting along before playtime inside. In general, keep an eye on their interactions and body language towards each other to make sure things stay fun and playful!

Work on Training

Extra time indoors in a great way for your dog to learn a new trick or stay on top of the commands they already know. These types of activities tire them out mentally, which is even more exhausting than tiring them out physically! 

Below are some tips on some of our favorite tricks, shaking hands and rolling over.

Shake Hands

Our best tip is to present a closed fistful of treats to your pup. Your dog might sniff your hand or lick it at first but eventually he will paw at your hand. When your dog lifts his paw, reward him! Once they get the hang of putting their paw on your hand for the treats, pick your command word, “shake,” “paw,” or whichever word that works best and say it as you present your hand. Repeat and reward your pup!

Roll Over

We think this trick is best explained by the American Kennel Club so watch this short video below to teach your dog how to roll over.

Once your dog gets the basics of this one, incorporate your command word and practice!

We hope you’ve found these suggestions to keep your dog active indoors useful and would love to hear some ways you’re already incorporating! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share below or contact us at (800) 940-1972 or


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