Is Bone Broth REALLY Healthy for Dogs?

Bone broth has seen a boost in popularity recently (with good reason); and with all the health benefits associated with it, it’s also becoming popular to incorporate this superfood into Fido’s diet!

Bone broth is rich with vitamins and minerals such as chondroitin, gelatin, glucosamine, vitamin C, vitamin D, iron, magnesium, and much more! Plus, it makes for a deliciously healthy option. Simmering poultry and beef bones in water and apple cider vinegar makes a very nutritious blend for both humans and dogs!

But, for as amazing as bone broth is, there are quite a few misgivings about what it actually is and how it benefits our canine companions.

The common misconceptions about bone broth

While it’s easy to classify regular chicken/beef stock as bone broth, they’re both very different and regular stock isn’t Fido-friendly!

Many shelf stocks are loaded with sodium and have onions and garlic in the ingredients, which are not good for your fur-bestie. In addition, stock is cooked quickly at high temperatures for shorter amounts of time, while bone broth is simmered for long periods to lock in all those nutritious vitamins and minerals.

Another misconception is that bones are better for dogs. Raw bones have a high risk of exposing your dog to bacteria and cooked bones can be unsafe because of how easily they can break into splinters. You don’t want Fido ingesting either!

Now that we’ve discussed a few common misconceptions, we want to share 3 paw-some benefits about this superfood!

Keeps Tummies Happy

Keeping Fido’s tummy happy is really important in staying healthy. We never want to see our pets uncomfortable after meals so ensuring they have good digestion goes a long way. Bone broth helps promote a healthy gut with its supply of amino acids, glucosamine, and chondroitin sulfate. It can also help with keeping a balance of good bacteria with prebiotics and probiotics.

Stronger Joints and Bones

Bone broth can help your furry friend keep the spring in their step with its hearty supply of glucosamine and chondroitin – both helping to support joint strength and flexibility. In addition, you can find a good source of gelatin, which is a complex protein to aid with movement or discomfort.

Boosts the Immune System

We’ve already touched a little on all the great vitamins and minerals bone broth contains for your fur baby which helps build their immune systems to fight off scratching, sniffles, and sneezes!

There are plenty of great recipes to make bone broth for Fido at home or check out our line of broth boosters with added benefits for digestion, mobility, and allergy support!

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