The Truth About Hemp for Dogs

Why is hemp becoming one of the biggest health trends for dogs? Well, don’t worry. It’s not because of some "hippie dog" revolution. It’s because of hemp’s amazing health benefits.
The Truth About Hemp for Dogs

Has everyone gone mutts? Why is hemp one of the biggest health trends for dogs? 

If you feel skeptical about hemp, we get it. But don't chalk it up to being some strange hippie-dog revolution just yet. Hemp surprisingly lives up to the hype!

More and more pet parents are choosing hemp to support their furry faves, and rightfully so! So, let's dive into what hemp really is and how it may help your pet.

The Big Myth You're Wondering About...

When it comes to hemp seed, we should begin by addressing the elephant in the room. 

Will hemp turn your dog into... Snoop Dogg? Certainly not! 

The trippy stuff you are wondering about is a compound called THC. But, THC is not included in traditional hemp seed-derived products like our original Hemp Elements™ collection, for instance. 

Even with CBD-based products such as our Hemp Elements Plus™ collection, THC still must always be formulated and regulated to contain less than 0.3% THC. Our CBD products, in particular, are tested and 100% verified to meet those all-important 0.3% THC requirements.

So, even though hemp is derived from the Cannabis Sativa family, its composition in supplement form gets an all-clear. 

No high for your furry fave!

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So... What Does Hemp Actually Do?

Now that we have hopefully put your mind at ease, it's time to talk about what hemp actually brings to the table for your pup. 

Hemp seed provides dogs with a rich source of Stearidonic Acid, or SDA for short. Stearidonic Acid is a precursor to long-chain fatty acids like EPA and DHA, which might ring a bell if you are familiar with your omegas. 

In plain terms, SDA found in hemp can convert to the good stuff that may support your pet's zesty life!

But... how exactly?

Lending a "Hemp-ing" Hand

Given that Stearidonic Acid is a precursor to paw-some Omega-3 fatty acids, hemp seed definitely earns its hype in pet supplements! 

As a precursor to those long-chain fatty acids, hemp seed may help support your dog’s immune system function to keep them feeling their happiest. Considering how important immunity is to a pet's well-being these days, that’s a pretty exciting reason to try hemp for your doggy.

That's why we recommend trying supplements that combine hemp seed with other pawsome ingredients to give Fido the ultimate advantage for their zesty life!

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I'm Sold, But How Much Hemp Should I Give My Dog?

As with any new ingredient or supplement you introduce into your pet's diet - hemp or otherwise - knowing your furry friend's specific needs is always the best first step.

Hemp seed doesn't mandate a veterinary consultation. However, we still think it would be great to chat with a vet about your interest in adding hemp to your doggy’s diet. There, you can ask specific questions about how hemp can support your dog based on their age, breed, health history, and dietary needs. Your vet may even suggest how much to feed your pup!

Regardless, slow and steady is always the best pace when adding something new to your pet's diet. So, we recommend starting at half of their hemp supplement's suggested dosage for the first week or two. That way, you can gradually help your dog adjust. 

After that, you should be good to go! 

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But... What About CBD?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, hemp seed and CBD are two different things. However, both are perfectly fine to try giving your dog.

Once again, if THC is your concern, don't fret! CBD is not the same as marijuana.

If you're interested in learning more about CBD, we already have you covered! We're here to help you learn more about CBD in this handy guide about CBD and its benefits.

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As always, we’ll be here to Keep Your Bestie Feeling Zesty!