Diversion Policy

Zesty Paws, LLC (“Zesty Paws”) strives to provide all authorized resellers of Zesty Paws with the service, knowledge, and support necessary to maintain our 100% satisfaction guarantee for consumers purchasing Zesty Paws products. Certain types of sales outside of authorized channels can affect our goodwill and is damaging to Zesty Paw’s standards and reputation. Therefore, Zesty Paws has instituted this Diversion Policy (this “Diversion Policy”), which apply to all categories of retailers, distributors, dealers and other resellers of Zesty Paws products (“Resellers”). Zesty Paws reserves the right at any time to modify, suspend or discontinue this Diversion Policy. Distributors are responsible for ensuring that Resellers in their purchasing network comply with such policies.
Diversion Policy United States and Canada
Zesty Paws-approved retailers (including, but not limited to, Internet retailers and in-store retailers) may sell Zesty Paws products only to retail customers located in the same country as the approved retailer. Retailers may not sell or otherwise provide any Zesty Paws product to another retailer. Accordingly, the Product Diversion Policy prohibits Zesty Paws-approved retailers from selling, providing, transshipping and/or diverting Zesty Paws products to another retailer for sale without the pre-approval in writing from Zesty Paws.

All methods or sales channels proposed to be used to sell Zesty Paws products must be disclosed when completing this form; including, but not limited to the following: business names, domain names, Amazon marketplace reseller accounts, other third-party ecommerce reseller accounts, or any other method used to sell Zesty Paws products. Failure to disclose any of the above methods or any other sales channel will be considered diversion. If new methods or sales channels are set up and used to sell Zesty Paws products after completing this form, retailer must get prior written permission from Zesty Paws to sell in that method/channel/URL. Failure to comply will be considered diversion. Zesty Paws-approved retailers may not sell Zesty Paws products on 3rd party ecommerce marketplaces.

Zesty Paws approved retailers (including, but not limited to, internet retailers and in-store retailers) may sell Zesty Paws products only to retail consumers located in the same country as the approved retailer. Zesty Paws approved retailers will not sell and ship Zesty Paws products outside the country in which they are located, either United States or Canada. Failure to adhere to this will be considered diversion.

Failure to adhere to this Diversion Policy will lead to product allocations deemed appropriate by Zesty Paws or the discontinuance of all sales and shipments to the Zesty Paws retailer.
This Diversion Policy will be enforced by Zesty Paws in its sole discretion and without notice. Violations of this Diversion Policy may result in sanctions up to and including termination of our business relationship, as well as any available remedies at law. Zesty Paws, may, at its own discretion, stop Zesty Paws Diversion Policy 2 supplying products to any Reseller found to be in violation of either of these policies. All questions related to either policy should be directed by email to: sales@zestypaws.com.