Holistic Hemp

What the hemp is all this hype about? It’s simple. Hemp Elements™ products harness the Omegas, Gamma-Linolenic Acid, and essential amino acids of hemp to give dogs a holistic and healthy source of nourishment.

Collection Benefits

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Our Multifunctional has so many great benefits, it’s so hard to keep them on a leash! This product supports your pup’s all-around wellness with premium ingredients.

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Hip & Joint

With our Hip & Joint products, your dog will be able to keep the spring in their step. Our product feature OpiMSM and Qmin+, desinged to keep them active and comfortable.

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Skin & Coat

Sometimes our dogs nee a little extra help to look as good as they feel. Whether it’s for supple skin or a shinier coat , our products are sure to keep dogs looking their best.

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Without getting into the details, it’s important our furry friends feel their best when nature calls. Our digestive products are specially designed to keep tummies happy.

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Immune System

If itchy skin, seasonal allergies, or sniffles give your pup a hard time, our immune systen products can help promote a healthy response to allergies.

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Our antioxidant-rich line of products uses cranberry concentrate to support everything from immune function to eye health to keep your pet feeling like a superhero.

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Whether its stress, hyperactivity, or a few too many angry barks, we provide prducts with Suntheanine (L-Theanine) to keep your dog at ease.

Paw-erful Benefits

Our line of Hemp Elements™ products are designed to help promote the immune system, mobility, digestion, skin health, and everyday vitality.

Products They'll Love

The Hemp Elements™ line includes Aller-Immune Bites™, Omega Bites™, and Advanced 5-in-1 Multivitamin Bites™ as well as our new NutraStix™, dental sticks that promote fresh breath along with other health benefits.