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Are Probiotics Good for Dogs?

Here are the biggest reasons why probiotics are a great addition to your dog's health regimen and which pawsome products you can try.

probiotic benefits for dogs

As a loving dog parent, you adore your pup from head to tail. Just don't forget about their tummy!

Belly rubs are just the start of what makes a dog's tummy happy. That's why using probiotics are a great way to keep your canine companion feeling healthy.

The question is... how? That's where we come in.

Here are the biggest reasons why probiotics are a great addition to your dog's health regimen and which pawsome products you can try!

Supports Gut Flora

Your dog's gut microbiome is home to bacteria and other organisms that play a role in your dog's digestive function. Probiotics help maintain proper gut flora to keep a nice balance of good bacteria for your doggy.

Supports the Immune System

These days, a healthy immune system is a big deal for pups! Some probiotic strains can help to enhance your dog's immune system response to keep them feeling their Zestiest. Fur-tastic!

More Health Paw-sibilities 

The gut and immune system are the start of good health to help other functions fall into place for pups. So, probiotics could possibly help with firmer stool, less gastric distress, and stomach comfort, but be sure to consult a veterinarian as to whether probiotics can support your dog’s unique needs based on their health history.

probiotics for dogs

Probiotic Supplements for Dogs: Which Ones to Try

Sure, giving your dog plain yogurt is nice for probiotic intake, but what about supplements?

Here's our top three that you should try:

1. Probiotic Bites™

This pawsome chewable is made with six strains of probiotics to support gut health. You’ll enjoy the daily relief of giving your pup a great chew for their normal gut, digestive, and immune function.

2. Hemp Elements™ Probiotic OraStix

Gut health + periodontal support = pawsome! These sticks feature DE111® (Probiotic) and a Teeth & Gum Proprietary Blend to support normal gut health, immune system function, and periodontal health.

3. Pill Wrap Probiotic Paste

Helps you hide meds and pills in a bacon-flavored wrap that provides probiotic support from DE111® (Bacillus subtilis) and Bacillus coagulans to maintain proper gut and immune balance that may be lost from meds.

Get Their Paws on Probiotics!

We hope this gives you a good starting point to understanding the basics of probiotics for dogs, but we would love to answer any additional questions you might have.

If you’d like to learn more about probiotic supplements, or simply how to pick the right one for your dog, leave a comment below and let us know. Or, you can reach out to us directly at 1-800-738-0661 or bark@zestypaws.com.