what ingredients to look for in dog supplements

If there's one thing your dog loves about you, it's how you always go the extra mile to take care of them! 

So when it comes to dog supplements, we want you to know which ingredients to look for to support your pup's well-being. 

That's why we're here to reveal the five fur-tastic ingredients you should look for in dog supplements... and why!

best ingredients for dog food


Many people believe that the key to good health is gut health. So, probiotics are a great way to support your pup's tummy. 

Here's a quick summary of probiotic benefits for dogs:

  • Helps maintain proper gut flora
  • Enhances immune system response
  • Helps maintain a healthy intestinal tract
  • May possibly help with firmer stool, 
  • May possibly help with stomach comfort

Want to know more? Click here to check out our article about probiotics, or browse our selection of probiotic supplements for dogs.


If you love seeing your pup run, jump, and play, be sure to support their mobility with Glucosamine! Your canine will love you for it.

Here's a quick overview of glucosamine benefits for dogs:

  • Helps maintain cartilage
  • Supports joint health
  • Provides synovial fluid support
  • Supports the production of proteoglycans

If you're curious to learn more about glucosamine, don't worry! Check out this article and shop our collection of glucosamine supplements for dogs.


Wait up... did we just say CBD? Yes! CBD is a pawsome ingredient to give your pup to support their well-being (and nope... it won't make them high).

Here's a quick overview of CBD benefits for dogs:

  • May support the canine endocannabinoid system
  • Contains no more than 0.3% THC to avoid the high
  • Stacks great with other ingredients that support pet health

Need to know more? Sure! Check out our blog post about CBD for dogs, and browse our Hemp Elements Plus™ supplements with CBD!


Turmeric has been revered for thousands of years as a great ingredient for human wellness... and the same is true for dogs! 

Here's a quick summary of turmeric benefits for dogs:

  • Supports gut and liver health
  • Provides mobility support
  • Supports skin, heart, and cognitive health
  • Supports immune system function

Curious about turmeric now? Great! Read our handy article about turmeric  to learn more, and check out our turmeric supplements for dogs today.

Salmon Oil

Most dogs go absolutely mutts over the yummy flavor of salmon oil, but trust us. The benefits of salmon oil are just as good as its taste!

Here's a quick summary of salmon oil benefits for dogs:

  • Provides a source of omega fatty acids
  • Helps support skin moisture content
  • Supports dogs with sensitive skin
  • Supports healthy coats

Can you "sea" what's so special about salmon oil? If you want to learn more, click here. Oh, and check out our Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil while you're at it!

best ingredients for dogs

The NASC Seal of Approval

When it comes to high-quality ingredients, we're not just just all bark!

Zesty Paws® is a member of NASC (National Animal Supplement Council), a nonprofit group dedicated to improving and standardizing the quality of products in the animal supplement industry.

That means our products have successfully passed NASC’s stringent independent quality audit to earn their industry-revered seal of quality as a brand you can trust. Now that's worth a high-paw!

Let’s Hear from You!

These are only a few of the many pup-ular ingredients to look for in dog supplements! So, if you have any other questions about other ingredients or our Zesty Paws® products, we’re here for you. 

You can reach out to our Customer Care Specialists directly at 1-800-738-0661 or bark@zestypaws.com.

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