Best 2023 Things Pets Should Try

Every January is a time for reflection and committing to new habits – and your pet's health is no exception! So, here are three easy ways to help your dog or cat hop into the new year with a Zesty new outlook!

Best 2023 Things Pets Should Try

Every January is a time for reflection and committing to new habits – and your pet's health is no exception! So, we thought this was a perfect time for all pet parents to help their furry besties have a fresh start for the new year.

Here are three easy ways to hop into the new year with a Zesty new outlook:

1. New Bites, Anyone?

At Zesty Paws®, we love thinking of new ways to keep our canine and feline companions happy. That's why we suggest treating your pet to a new product or two!

Hemp Elements Plus products are a great choice for doggy parents looking to introduce CBD into Fido's diet. Whether it's for skin health, relaxation, or immunity, your pup might fall in love with these deliciously good collection of chews and oil!

If your pup is on other medications, we made something to make the pill process easier! This Pill Wrap Probiotic Paste helps to hide meds and pills of any type or size in a yummy bacon-flavored wrap, while also maintaining proper gut and immune balance that may be lost from certain meds.

For feline friends, our collection of yummy soft chews are the purr-fect way to start off the new year right. We've got something for their hairballs, immune system, and composure. Give them a try!

2. Workout Time!

Us 'hoomans' aren't the only one that try out new workout regimens in the new year!

Fortunately for pets, you don't need a pricey gym membership to start your furry fave on a new physical fitness routine. In fact, keeping your pet in shape is as simple as trying out some fun at-home activities.

Check out this article for a few cool ideas! For senior dogs, we know you'll need different options to give your dog the support they need in their golden years, so check out this article for a few handy tips.

Just make sure you're supporting your pet's joint health along the way. Try Chondroitin and Glucosamine for dogs in tasty chewables, sticks, and more. 

best exercises for dogs

3. More Ways to Behave

Your pet is quite the character, to say the very least. They're sweet, silly, and even a little weird! Well... the cute kind of weird. You know what we mean. ;)

But, as we're sure you'll agree, some behaviors are better left behind as you and your pet usher in a new year. So, we suggest checking out this post for a few tips to help doggy parents to curb some head-scratching behaviors.

Oh, and don't worry, cat parents. We didn't forget about you! If you happen to have yourself a "scaredy cat," we've got just the article for you. Check out these five tips to keep your feline friend calm, cool, and collected. 

Speaking of behavior, why not see how your pet reacts around the person you're dating? It sounds crazy, but there's actually proof that dogs and cats make the best relationship experts. So, if love is in the air for you in 2022, make sure your pet takes a whiff!

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As always, we’ll be here to Keep Your Bestie Feeling Zesty!™