Best Halloween Costume Tips for Dogs in 2023

Halloween is almost here, and it’s hard to resist all the adorable costumes available for your pet!

We know dressing up your fur baby can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to make sure your pet is comfortable in their costume.

To help, here are four important signs to look out for to make sure your pet is happy this Halloween:

Tucked Tail, Biting, or Whimpering

If your pet is showing any signs of biting, whimpering, or tucking their tail while in costume, it’s a clear indication they are frightened, or distressed so it may not be the best fit for Fido.


If your pet is panting in their costume, they’re likely feeling stressed or anxious. It can also indicate the costume is too tight or too hot for them.

Frozen or Not Able to Move

Your pet probably isn’t used to wearing clothes and costumes. They tend to be heavier or constricting in places they’re not used to – like their head or feet. If your pet freezes up when in costume, they’re trying to tell you they are uncomfortable.

Rubbing on the Floor

If you see your pet rubbing on the floor in their costume, they might simply be trying to get out of it!

Your pet should be happy in their costume! So, if your dog shows any of these warning signs while in costume or starts acting abnormal, it’s best to take Fido out of the costume right away to provide him relief and comfort. While you may not be able to dress them up in full costume, there are always fun, spooky bandanas or t-shirts that might fit their comfort level better.

Need a place to start? We’ve picked our top 5 costumes and 3 great alternatives for your pet this year.

Star Wars Bantha Dog Costume

Witch Dog Costume

Light Up Unicorn Pet Costume

TMNT – Donatello Pet Costume

Rubies Monster Set Pet Costume

Glow-in-the-Dark Skeleton Dog Hoodie Costume Alternative

No Tricks Just Treats Bandana Costume Alternative

Mom is My Boo Bandana Costume Alternative

We hope you and your pet have a fun and safe Halloween this year! If you need any additional Halloween safety tips, be sure to check out our 5 Pet Scares to Avoid!

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