Best Pics That Prove Pets Are Awesome

Cats and dogs? Super-cute. And cuddly, and sweet, and affectionate. And…totally ridiculous, at least some of the time. Not convinced? Here’s why we’re right:

1. Because this handsome but crazy smile happened.

2. Because this cat thought this was a normal way to chill.

3. And because this dude exists.

4. Because this cutie thought this would be comfortable. And stayed there.

5. Because this happened.

6. Because dogs look like this when they’re wet.

7. And cats look like this when they’re surprised.

8. Because their bellies are always ready for a rub.

9. Because sometimes they’re truly terrifying.

10. Because they sleep like this.

11. And play like this.

12. Because faces like this exist.

13. And faces like this one.

14. Because they don’t care what you think.

15. Because despite being utterly ridiculous, they love unconditionally.

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