Which Dog Breeds Can't Swim Good?

Can dogs swim? Yes, dogs can swim and they are naturally good swimmers. Generally speaking, many dogs learn how to swim the first time they set their paw into a body of water such as a pool or a lake. Even though some dogs love water, other dogs can’t stand it. Often, these arbitrary likes and dislikes are simply down to individual personalities, and there’s nothing wrong with that! But did you know that there are some breeds of dogs that simply can’t swim at all? So their liking or disliking of water doesn’t even come into play! Here are five dog breeds that can’t swim, some surprising…some less so:

1. Bulldog

It’s not really all that surprising that the Bulldog can’t swim, is it? He’s not, after all, the most athletic of breeds, with his short, flat snout, squat legs, and barrel chest. These features mean that he can’t support his own weight in the water.

2. Pug

Like the Bulldog, the Pug has a short snout, so breathing whilst swimming is hard. Not only does he suffer from shortness of breath, but he can’t keep his nose above water in the first place.

3. Corgi

The Corgi’s thick body and short legs make him a definite non-starter when it comes to swimming. His little legs simply can’t support his large body so he’s better kept on land.

4. Basset Hound

Whilst he’s exceptional when it comes to tracking, the same can’t be said for the Basset Hound’s swimming skills. His large head, dense bones, and short legs make staying afloat a no-can-do.

5. Boxer

Whilst naturally athletic in build, the Boxer has the same flat face as the Bulldog and Pug, so breathing is difficult when in the water. This is a shame as this fun-loving pooch would probably have a whale of a time!

If you’re considering taking your mutt in the water, always check that it’s suitable for his breed. There are many other breeds who struggle to swim, aside from those mentioned above, and you’ll need to supervise them carefully in the water – or simply avoid it altogether. Life vests are available and paddling isn’t necessarily out of the question, as long as you watch them like a hawk!

Do you have a dog that defies all odds and loves to swim? Let us know in the comments below!


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