10 Best Tips for New Dog Parents

As dog parents, we pick up useful tips and tricks along the way, while other strategies are perfected through trial and error! Whether you’re training a young pup or trying to get your cheeky mutt under control, it’s useful to pick up as many hacks as possible to make life that little bit easier.

Not only will these fantastic tips help you to keep your pooch happy and entertained, but they’ll also help to keep your home from looking like an over-sized kennel! Simply follow a few or all of these simple hints to get not only a happy dog but one with happy parents too!

1. Use Rubber Gloves

Using a slightly damp rubber glove, simply wipe upholstered furniture. You’ll be amazed at how much hair a low-cost rubber glove can attract!

2. Protect Your Furniture

This is an obvious but extremely helpful hint! With many people owning lush downy sofas or smooth leather armchairs, it doesn’t take long for them to not only become thick with hair but also to develop irreversible scratch marks within your favorite item of furniture!

3. Purchase a Kiddie Pool

Help your pooch to stay cool and comfortable throughout the summer by investing in a cheap kiddie’s pool. They’re inexpensive and could keep your doggy amused for hours, as well as keep them cool!

4. Keep the Plug Unblocked

If you prefer to bath your pooch at home, I’m sure you’ll have spent many hours unclogging the plughole! Simply place a baby-wipe over the outlet to help stop the hair from plugging it up.

5. Invest in a Some Baking Soda

Baking soda is an excellent absorbent and helps to eliminate bad odors. Simply sprinkle over the affected area and leave for 20 minutes before vacuuming away the excess.

6. Deal with Drool Stains

Say adios to unsightly dribble marks and grueling hours of scrubbing buy buying a magic eraser sponge. You’ll be astonished at how easy this task will become with a little magic!

7. Entertain Your Hyperactive Pooch

If your dog has everlasting energy, why not keep him amused by teaching him how to chase bubbles? Not only is this a simple way for him to exercise, but also to keep him distracted for hours.

8. Treats for the Summer

Simply fill an ice cube tray or small Tupperware box with broth, water, or treats to keep your pet happy, spoilt, and hydrated on those blisteringly hot days. Alternatively, here's some treats perfect for your pooch's Thanksgiving.

9. Alternate Toys Regularly

Again, this may sound like a simple one, but alternating toys from one week to the next will keep your pet interested and stimulated. If your pet goes through a phase of loving his tennis ball one minute then abandoning the next, he might appreciate a re-appearance a couple of weeks later!

10. Use Vegetables as Rewards

Believe it or not, dogs love raw carrot, apples, snap peas and boiled potatoes. You could use leftovers as long as they have no added salt or flavors, and be certain to remove all apple pips out of the core as these are poisonous to doggies!

Do you have any to add? Post them in the comments below!

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