Best Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Dog in 2023

Whether you’re single or taken, or if you love or hate Valentine’s Day, this holiday can come with a lot of pressure, but it doesn’t have to! Valentine’s Day is just about celebrating love and friendship. So, why not celebrate it with someone that absolutely adores you, is low maintenance, and thinks you’re the greatest human ever?

We’re talking about Fido, of course!

If you haven’t made plans already, here’s 4 reasons why your dog is the only date you need this year:

1. They Give You Unlimited Snuggles

Studies have found that pet owners are more likely to be calm, relaxed, and experience lower levels of stress, so cuddling with Fido is a great mood booster, regardless of how you might be feeling this Valentine’s Day. So, put on your favorite loungewear, kick those feet up, and let Fido nuzzle up next to you for the night.

2. They are Easy to Impress

There’s no need to plan something extravagant, buy a fancy new outfit, or find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift because Fido is very easy to impress! All you have to do is treat your fur-bestie to some extra belly rubs or their favorite soft chew. They don’t care what they’re doing, as long as they’re with you!

3. You’re Each Other’s Best Friend

Let’s face it, your love for each other is unconditional. You’re best friends and each other’s favorite company. Whatever you want to do, Fido is up for it too! So, whether you go on a doggy date to the park or rent movies and snuggle on the couch, you’re bound to be left feeling loved and secure. Just don’t fall for their sad puppy dog eyes when they want your popcorn!

4. You Don’t Have to Share Dessert

Dessert is one of the best parts of Valentine’s Day and since most of those sweet treats have ingredients that aren’t good for your furry friend, you don’t have to share! But if you do want to share a special dessert with Fido, make these delicious pup-friendly Strawberry Banana Hearts!

Fido will always be your Valentine and we can’t imagine a more pawfect way to spend this day of love than with your fur-bestie.

Some of you may have missed this great advice last year: So just in time for this year's most ruff-mantic holiday, we're pulling it out of the archives to remind you that your dog is man's (and woman's!) best friend EVERY day! (ORIGINALLY POSTED Feb. 3, 2020)

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