Cat Has Hairballs? Here is What To Do

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Eat, sleep, litter box, more sleep, play, purr, sleep some more, run around for no reason, go MIA for hours. Repeat.

The life of a sublime feline can be enviable but there are some things that even kitty can’t hack…if you catch our meaning.

Your feline will probably agree that hairballs are far from fun, not to mention making their tummy feel anything but Zesty as they hack away. So, what’s a cat parent to do? 

We have you covered with these three tips!

how to reduce hairballs

Good Gut = Good Start

Hairballs can be quite a nuisance. But, it's easy to just focus on the 'hair' aspect of hairballs and forget that all good things start in the gut.

Hoomans and even dogs aren't the only ones that benefit from good gut bacteria! It's great for their digestive health and immune system function, to say the very least. 

So, needless to say, those benefits are quite clutch when it comes to keeping your cat's digestion on the right "tract" whether hairballs are a problem or not!

Speaking of benefits, fiber might be another worthy add-on for your cat's digestive health. Psyllium, for instance, is an ingredient that helps support normal gut function, bowel health, and may help eliminate hairballs. Not bad!

That said, we definitely suggest chatting with your veterinarian to learn more about how probiotics, fiber, and perhaps some dietary changes could benefit your feline fave.

A few simple tweaks can go a long way for Fluffy!

stop hairballs for cats

'Fish' Around for Assistance

More and more parents are realizing just how paw-some it is to add Fish Oil to their cat's regimen... and for good reason!

Whether you're in the market for something tasty as liquid Salmon Oil or a functional soft chew for your kitty to chomp on, fish oil is an excellent choice!

Why? Because fish oil contains Omega-3 fatty acid (EPA and DHA) that can help minimize furball formation, while also supporting skin health for feline pets. 

Your kitty companion will love the flavor, and you'll love how it helps them meow back at hairballs. A win-win!

Mind Your Minerals

Our last, but equally paw-erful tip for the battle against hairballs is to ensure that your cat gets good mineral uptake. 

As much as we hate repeating ourselves, this is another great conversation to have with your veterinarian, as some mineral ingredients might be able to give your cat the support they're looking for!

Among those options are Zinc, which is an amazing (and familiar) mineral that may help minimize hairball formation while also supporting their skin health. Meanwhile, mineral oil is another winner for its ability to help maintain normal skin moisture.

So, be sure to give your cat's skin some extra TLC to help them feel as Zesty as can be!

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As always, we’ll be here to Keep Your Bestie Feeling Zesty!

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