Hilarious Pets Living Their Best Lives

For those of us spending more time at home these days, we have more time to sit back and observe how our pets carry on with their day!

You might have known how silly, awkward, and ridiculous your pet is before all this extra home time began. But for some of you, your furry friend's hijinks are on another level now that their "live studio audience" (hint: you) is watching.

Do any of these ring a bell about your fur-bestie's typical day in the life?

Did you say another Zoom call?

via @thejacksongalaxyproject

When quarantine has you keeping diaries of all the neighbors' activities

via @anniedeltim

Waiting on the mailperson for my treats!

via @apupnamedhamilton

Just another day in paw-adise

via @fostersandferals

When your husband says it too hot in here

via @threadandfabric

Did you say work from home?

via @norbertthedog

Not another walk, hooman.

via @doubled1965

Hiding from my kittens.

via @trinity2you

When it's time for that mani-pedi.

via @reillyruechel

When you think you're just so hilarious, but no one seems to be on your level

via @mallowcatandcompany

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