Zesty Paws + Upcycling = A Pawsome Decoration!

At Zesty Paws®, there’s more to what we do than just keeping pets healthy. We’re equally as passionate about helping to make the world a better place.

That's why sustainability is so important to us!

We have lots of exciting plans in motion to help support the environment that people and pets call home. More on that soon! But in the meantime, we have a fun little upcycling DIY project idea you can try out to make more use out of those vibrant Zesty Paws® jars your bestie loves!

Zesty Planter: A Step-By Step Guide

We think it’s awesome when people reuse non-recyclable items for cool DIY projects (and we have the dorky Pinterest boards to prove it). It’s those crafty creations that inspired us to find ways that you can re-purpose our jars and bottles.

So, we’re providing you an easy, step-by-step guide to turn your soft chew containers into a beautiful planter. See below for more!

zesty paws sustainability

Sustainability Saves!

We have much more news to share about our sustainability goals in the future. As this mission continues to evolve in bold new ways, every idea and ambition of ours wouldn’t be possible without you.

We know that sounds super cheesy, but it’s true.

Your incredible stories and passion for pet wellness constantly fuels us to go the extra mile, so we hope that you’re just as excited as we are about what’s to come!


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